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Who’s That?

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Parsing Notes

Plough on

Surprise Surprise!

Who’s That?

I Don’t Know What It Is

January, Sick and Tired

Deck The Halls With Light Emitting Diodes





Spring Too

Ho Ho Ho!

Another grid in the neighbourhood



Don’t Panic!


Kick it!


Press here

Bespoke Crosswords

A personalised puzzle could be a great gift for a crossword lover. If you are interested in a personalised printed puzzle as a gift or on a greetings card for example, or would like crosswords for inclusion in a publication, please contact me using the form below with your requirements. Compiling cryptic crosswords is time consuming, exactly how long it takes depends on what is required. Quick, non-cryptic crosswords take less time. The fee I need to charge and the notice I need would reflect these factors.

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